Specifications of Stingless Bee Honey 700gm

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Samz&Bhramari Enterprise is committed to being a key supplier of Stingless honey in Malaysia and the world.We are a premiere seller of Stingless Bee Honey and Propolis products from Malaysia.Bhramari’s Stingless Bee honey is100%Pure (ISO Certified Lab Tested)and Organic Food(443 Parameters No Pesticide Detected),GMP,MeSTI(certification of the Malaysia Health Ministry),MARDI and Halal certified.Stingless Bee Honey with Malaysia Truly Asia logo/mark on our brand honey from the Ministry of Tourism

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Malaysia’s First super food and Mother Medicine. We Samz & Bhramari Enterprise would like to introduce you to our best seller “Bhramari’s Stingless Bee De-humidified honey” and its benefits:- 1. It exclusively originates from the Malaysian Rain forest. Malaysia’s 1st Super Food. Based on studies conducted by MARDI between 2016 -2017.Main reason: exceptionally high content of phenolic acids. Promoted as Malaysia’s first superfood at the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. Standard developed by Standards Malaysia It is more nutritious than normal honey and has more vitamins and minerals. 2. Bhramari’s Stingless Bee De-humidified honey is 100% Pure (ISO Certified Lab Tested) and Organic Food (443 Parameters No Pesticide Detected), GMP, MeSTI (certification of the Malaysia Health Ministry), MARDI and Halal certified. Stingless Bee Honey with Malaysia Truly Asia logo/mark on our brand honey from the Ministry of Tourism. 3. Acknowledged locally as the ‘Mother Medicine’, Kelulut honey is known for its: Anti-ageing properties, Immune-enhancing capabilities, Anti-bacterial properties, Ability to ease flu symptoms (sore throat, coughs, etc.),Ability to heal diabetic wounds & burns, High content of bioflavonoids, Exceptionally high content of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. 4. This product comes in various sizes 100gm, 200gm 350gm, 700gm and 1kg Glass Bottles. This product will be packaged and delivered in a carton box. Packaging Details Packaging type: 36 Bottles in 1 Carton. Box Dimensions: 31cm x 30cm x 24cm Note: We can also package in 5kg, 20kg & 40kg in high premium food grade plastic containers. The price will be changed accordingly if there will be more quantity of order.

Specifications of Specifications of Stingless Bee Honey 700gm

Specifications of Stingless Bee Honey 700gm Details
Weight 1 pc
Length 31 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 24 cm
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