Stingless Bee Honey 180gm

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Price: USD 9
Unit :  1pc
product Size: :  54×37.5×31 cm
Packing Type :  Carton
Minimum quantity :  500
Availability :  In Stock
Vendor :  sunnah Almanar

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We are a premiere seller of Stingless Bee Honey , Polyfloral Honey, Fruit Juices , Health and Beauty products from Malaysia . Halal certified Stingless Bee Honey. The super food and Mother Medicine. More vitamins and minerals compared to normal honey.

Product Description :

We would like to introduce you to our best seller, Stingless Bee Honey SBH,and its benefits:- 1. It comes from the world's oldest rain forest. 2. Scientists and researchers attest, it's a Super food and Mother Medicine, for its many medicinal properties. It is more nutritious than normal honey and has more vitamins and minerals. 3. SBH comes from the wild jungles and its free from chemicals, pesticides, pollution and gluten. 4. Its perfect for those suffering from High blood pressure, Sleep disorder, post natal , stabilize menstruation,, asthmatic, improves blood circulation and so on, which there is an article about it. 5. WE are Halal Malaysia and Brunei certified , GMP and Mesti certification of the Malaysia Health Ministry. This product comes in various sizes 180gm, 300gm and in a 40kg container. This product will be packaged and delivered in a large box. Per box contains 100 bottles. The price will be changed accordingly if there will be more quantity of order.

Specifications of Stingless Bee Honey 180gm

Stingless Bee Honey 180gm Details
Weight 1 pc
Length 54 cm
Width 37.5 cm
Height 31 cm
Additional Details
Product Code 1803609607040618

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