Best seller - Chocojoy Chocolate Milk

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Price: MYR 60
Unit :  1pk
product Size: :  20×30×20 cm
Packing Type :  Other
Minimum quantity :  500
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Vendor :  sunnah Almanar
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Best Selling Delicious Chocojoy Chocolate Flavoured Milk -For the Whole Family

Product Description :

Top selling chocolate milk drink with exceptional taste suitable for the whole family. For homes, offices, restaurants, shops, canteen, bazaars and many other open places, It is best served chilled. And hot too. Up to your taste. You will be very much delighted. It also has vitamins and minerals, Product expires 18 months. We are Halal Malaysia and Brunei certified, GMP and Mesti certification of the Malaysia Health Ministry. This product will be packaged and delivered in a Box and Carton. Per Pack contains 24 pieces and per Carton has 100 Packs. The price will be changed accordingly.

Specifications of Best seller - Chocojoy Chocolate Milk

Best seller - Chocojoy Chocolate Milk Details
Weight 1 pk
Length 20 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 20 cm
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Product Code 1996097970120618