Lavender Air Cleaner 150ml

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Price: MYR 25
Unit :  1pc
product Size: :  18×4.5×4 cm
Packing Type :  Carton
Minimum quantity :  24
Availability :  In Stock
Vendor :  Jalur Pasifik Enterprise

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The Lavender Air Cleaner is a remarkably effective solution to quickly neutralize unwanted odors. It is formulated to instantly remove even the toughest odors. Unlike most air refreshers which function to only masks offending odors, Gramp's Lavender. Air Cleaner works by NEUTRALIZING the odor molecules and the natural lavender acts to eliminate bacteria and deliver a powerful fragrance.

Product Description :

Formulated to remove unwanted odor quickly, its special formulation of natural ingredients work by neutralizing the odor molecules, whilst the real lavender oil contains anti-microbial properties that disinfect the air. This stain-free, non-toxic, water-based formula is safe for babies, pets and can be used around food sources. Made from 100% natural ingredients. Spray 2 pumps in a room or an enclosed area to neutralise malodour. Spray more if needed but do so intermittently as the air cleaner is very strong and could be overpowering. For lasting results, completely remove the source of the malodour before using product e.g. rubbish or smelly laundry. Ideal for indoor use, and effective even with strong, pungent odours like cigarette smoke, fermented food, urea, vomit, paint, alcohol, animal faeces, and more. ALWAYS shake the product before use. The price can be different accordingly. It depends on the size of orders placed with the buyer.

Specifications of Lavender Air Cleaner 150ml

Lavender Air Cleaner 150ml Details
Weight 1 pc
Length 18 cm
Width 4.5 cm
Height 4 cm
Additional Details
Product Code 1745127219060718

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