Long Pistachio (Badami Pistachio)

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Long Pistachio (Badami Pistachio)

Unit: 1KG

product Size: 30×30×10 cm

Packing Type: Other


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Price: USD 10543

Unit: 1tn

product Size: 65×35×25 cm

Packing Type: Bags

Minimum quantity: 3

Availability:In Stock

Vendor: Iran Dried Fruit



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Iran Dried Fruit As a leading exporter and wholesaler of dried fruits and nuts in Iran, we are boasting about our abilities to provide our customers around the world ... The History of the Pistachio Iranian pistachios have different names according to their shapes and sizes. Documents and research have shown that the origin of pistachio trees lies in the North-east of Iran. For 5000 years people have been eating pistachios.

Product Description :

These are the primary product for export. There are 4 different sizes of Long Pistachio (Badami Pistachio) : 30-32, 32-34, which all are available, but the pricing is different: 30-32= (10,340 USD/TON), 32-34= (9,890 USD/TON). Dear Buyers, the prices might change to higher/lower, depending on the destination/Certification Requirement - Up To 13 Tons Of Pistachios Can Be Loaded In One 20' Container. - Up To 25 Tons Of Pistachios Can Be Loaded In One 40' Container. - Shelf Life: One Year After Manufacturing Date. - Moisture: Max 5%. - For Roasted And Salted Add 250 USD/TON To The Prices. -All Necessary Certifications Will Be Provided. -Any Other Packing Can Be Produced.

Specifications of Long Pistachio (Badami Pistachio)

Long Pistachio (Badami Pistachio) Details
Weight 1 tn
Length 65 cm
Width 35 cm
Height 25 cm
Additional Details
Product Code 403358670140518

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