Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Develops Nano Formulations to Protect Shelf Life of Fruits, Veget

Date & Time: 2019-08-17 02:44:26

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) has developed two Nano Formulations to help protect yield and enable farmers get better price. Two nanoformulations – Fruity Fresh and Nano Sticker and Nano Pellets – out of the seven products that are in different stages of testing are expected to hit the agro market soon. The ‘Fruity fresh’ and ‘Nano Stickers and Nano Pellets’ would increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and protect them against post-harvest diseases. The ‘Fruity fresh’, when sprayed 15 - 30 days before harvest, helped growers retain fruits and vegetables for six to 12 days compared to those fruits and vegetables that were not sprayed. Likewise, dipping mango post-harvest in a ‘Fruity fresh’ formulation extended the shelf life by a similar period under ambient storage condition and for 10 - 15 days under cold storage condition, The ‘Nano Stickers and Nano Pellets’ had a similar function