Ultra High Density Mango Planting Inaugurated at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Date & Time: 2019-10-29 00:32:30

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, popularly known as TNAU launched a 1.5 acre demonstration plot on Ultra High Density Planting or UHDP in Mango at the College Orchard of Horticultural College &Research Institute. It is important to mention that the spacing under UHDP technique is closer (i.e. 4 metre spacing between rows & 2 meter spacing between two plants) as compared to 10x10 meter spacing under conventional planting techniques, resulting in accommodation of 500 plants per acre under former as against 40 plants. Moreover, the advantages under Ultra High Density Planting include two to three-fold increase in output, optimal use of vertical & horizontal space, improved water-use & fertilizer-use efficiency, possibility of utilizing the space between plants for inter-cropping during early years of planting besides making orchard crops gainful as other cash crops.