Bayer Launches Water-Based Insecticide ‘Aqua K-Othrine’ for Fogging

Date & Time: 2019-06-20 00:21:49

Bayer, after years of research, has launched a new chemical Aqua K-Othrine to control mosquito breeding ,this chemical can be mixed with water instead of diesel and used for fogging. This is the first new launch by Bayer Environmental Science in the Indian vector control market in 20 years. The new product eliminates the use of diesel and thereby reduces pollution. The cost of the newly launched chemical is?Rs. 4,850 per litre and it suffices coverage of 20 to 40 hectares while spraying. German company Bayer’s new product, a water-based insecticide, eliminates the use of oil-based diluents such as diesel and helps reduce pollution caused by fogging. A nasty stench of smoke and burning eyes are associated with fogging for controlling mosquito-breeding outside our homes.