Cotton White fly and Its Management

Date & Time: 2019-08-12 00:44:12

Whitefly spoil cotton plants in 2 ways - firstly by sucking the juice and secondly by excreting honeydew in which sooty mold develops. Damage caused by direct feeding decreases the photosynthetic activities of the plant & hence the yield. Indirect damage results from lint contamination with honeydew & related fungi and via the transmission of leaf curl virus disease. Late season harshness affects seed development & lint quality. Frequent applications of insecticides in early and mid seasons lead to the resurgence of whiteflies and hence a highly judicious chemical application is very important. Neem oil (1%), fish oil resin soap (2.5%) and neem seed kernel extract (NSKE) 5% give effective control of whiteflies. The severity of whiteflies can be seen after the crop growth crosses 10 nodes on the main stem. Hence, the amount of spray fluid while spraying the insecticides must be greater than 250 l/ha using power sprayers. Proper coverage of underside of leaves during the insecticidal sprays effectively decreases the whitefly population